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"Pigen ringer til sin mor og hun redder hende."

Translation:The girl calls her mother and she saves her.

December 9, 2014



The girl calls TO her mother..... It's wrong??


in english to call is a transitive verb, therefore it does not need a preposition. to call someone, the girl calls her mom. The danish construction is different and independent from the english one, so you can't translate -til- literally because it's not gramatically correct in english.


I don't see anything grammatically wrong with "The girl calls to her mother." It subtly shades the meaning and removes the possibility that she is calling by phone, but other than that it means essentially the same thing and certainly doesn't have anything wrong with it grammatically as an English sentence.


I think the meaning changes quite a bit though. In Danish ringer implies that the calling is done through a phone and in English you can't call to someone on the phone. So in this context I think "to call" should be used as a transitive verb in English, while in Danish ringer needs the preposition till. Prepositions don't make sense is the short answer :)


Same question. Til ?


Til is needed in the Danish sentence. "Ringer til" refers only to calling on the phone. To use "calls to" in English would mean yelling to her, and thus no be a correct translation of the Danish sentence.


In the English translation it's unclear who saves who - is it the same in the Danish sentence?


It's ambiguous in Danish, too.


If the girl saved the mother, wouldn't it be more common to say "...and rescues her"?


Indeed. That's why this sentence would mostly be interpreted so that the mother rescues the girl. But it's also possible to read it the other way, just less common.


There's a story behind this ...


How are we supposed to pronounce redder? I really cannot do it.



IPA: ʁæðœ Would be my best guess as to how you would spell that.


"Taken" female version??


This is grammatically correct however in common usage, when speaking, I think you'd be more likely to hear 'who saves who' even though it is technically incorrect. When written however it should be 'whom'


There was no 'girl' option in the answers to choose from so I chose the closest option available, 'child'. Of couse it was wrong. Please add 'girl' as an option to the answer here.


The tiles are all there, but they might be hidden from your view. If you're using the browser version of Duolingo, you might have to adjust the size of your browser window or zoom out (usually by hitting Ctrl and - ) to see all word tiles.


Why is "ringer" not also the verb "to telephone"?


The shorter version "phones" is.


let's just appreciate her actions


Why is, "The girl rings to her mother" incorrect?

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