"Jeg stoler på dig."

Translation:I trust you.

December 9, 2014

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How ironic, I think of stoler as stole. I can associate by opposite because I wouldn't trust someone who stole from me.


Memrise style ;-)


I trust in you, it is wrong?


I almost put that, myself. It does make sense either way in English. I wonder if there's some sort of subtle difference between if you said "Jeg stoler dig," and "Jeg stoler dig," or if the "på" is mandatory here.


The "på" is mandatory. "Jeg stoler dig" doesn't make any sense.

Source: Asked Danish girlfriend.


Why not: I trust on you ???


Because that isn't a proper English sentence.


Csn anyone tell me what's the difference between stoler and tror?


"Stoler" or "at stole" means "to trust."

"Tror" or "at tro" means "to think" or in an easier sense, "to believe," "to predict."

I can see why you'd get confused between the two, since in English, you can "trust" or "believe" in someone, but "tror" is more of "to guess."

For example, to correctly use "tror," you would say:

"Jeg tror bogen er godt." = I think the book is good (but I haven't read it yet!) or, I believe the book is good.

And to use "stoler," you'd use it like this:

"Du siger, at bogen er godt, så jeg stoler på dig." = You say that the book is good, so I trust you.

Think of it like this:

You cannot "tro på nogen," or "think on/in someone."

But, you can "stol på nogen," or "trust in someone."

I hope this clears things up. If any of the sentences in Danish are wrong, please correct me! I am not a native Danish speaker, nor am I fluent in it. Thanks!


Thanks a lot for your explanation......


Stoler vs stole False friend?


"I rely on you" cannot do the job here ?


Not the same meaning.


rely on and count on would do a fine job here for 'stole på' the feedback you get on Duolingo is - it seems to me - a tad prescriptive

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