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"Hundred nye bygninger bliver bygget i byen i juni."

Translation:A hundred new buildings are being built in the town in June.

December 9, 2014



Is this a Danish tongue twister?


Whether it's meant to be or not, it is for me!


Too bad there isn't a month starting with B.

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From my understanding it is called "hundrede" and not "hundred" in Danish.


This is a great sentence!


Danes isn't by more akin to city? Would you normally use by for town?


I'd say by on its own is much closer to what you call a "town" in English than to a city. It's pretty much a catch-all term, though. If you want to talk about a city (being an especially large settlement), you can use the term storby. Conversely there's småby for smaller towns.


Småby is not a much used word on its own, but can be seen in its plural form, småbyer. You would more often see the word Landsby which probably would fit Village. The term Købstad is outdated but still used. If I understand it correctly it is to be compared to a borough, a town with special privileges given to it (by the King).


In the hints both city and town are mentioned but only town is accepted. First of all what are the hints worth? NOTHING And second that is demotivating and negativ learning

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