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Why you should keep up a streak

1.) It's a good motivator.

  • Keeping up a streak can force you to keep going, meeting your daily goal even when you may not feel like it. In the long run, it is a far more effective mode of encouragement than other methods. I find myself persevering through a tough lesson after a long day just to continue my streak.

2.) It's a status symbol on Duolingo

  • People with 300+ day streaks are part of the Duolingo elite, and their comments and words have more importance, as they should. If you like the discussions, then shooting for a really long streak can have the added benefit of increasing your street cred!

3.) You get the added benefit of lingots

  • For every 10 days you complete, Duo will give you a lingot. While this may not seem like a lot, by day 80, you will get 8 lingots.

4.) It's fun

  • Last but not least, keeping up a streak really is enjoyable. If you are a person like me that has a tendency to become really engrossed in things, then after a few days of maintaining the streak, it will become quite fun. It's sort of like exercising: after you get the habit, it's actually very enjoyable (at least that's what I've heard :) ).

I hope I persuaded some people to join the way of the streak!

December 9, 2014



Whoo hoo! It's my 600 day and I am giddy! Whoo hoo!


Huge congrats to you!


That's crazy impressive.


Wow !!! Congratulations.


As simple as it is, the streak is also what has kept me studying languages on a daily basis.


The streak feature is one of the best ideas ever. If it weren't for it, I'd probably stop using Duolingo so much.


In one hand it's kind of true, in the other hand - I lost my streak few days ago due to some "time" issues, and therefore I couldn't get motivation for another day or two, because I was doing the streak from the very beginning again. So, the conclusion is, if you keep up your streak, everything is ok, but if you lose it accidentally, well, then you're lost ;)


Guys, John Arnold crushed the magical border of 700 consecutive days today. Let's celebrate! =)


I agree with everything except point 3. I've been on this site for 5 days now and I have 47 Lingots. Looking in the shop, there's nothing I particularly want to spend them on. The only thing is the extra skills. I bought one of those a couple of days ago and found it a little disappointing, as well as a little too advanced for where I am now.

I think the idea of Lingots is good, but as it stands, I'm struggling to see the point of them.


I use them to buy progress tests... They really are worth it.


I find them useful in heart refill and streak freeze... We have our different needs; someone who is always on the go and wants to keep up a streak when they aren't able to study would find them very useful.. But if you don't need them, kudos to you :), but at least they're there for those that do. They've saved me a nice number of times.

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