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"Sie wechselt ihren Charakter."

Translation:She is changing her character.

December 9, 2014



Is this character as in her general behaviour or like changing characters in a play or video game? Or both?


Doesn't "wechseln" mean to change by swapping? Like, if she alters a character it would be "verandern", but in this case, she's actually replacing her character with a different one, no? In which case I would think it only makes sense in the context of a video game or something.


Exactly. Otherwise it would be more common to say "Sie verändert ihren Charakter."


Confirmation that this should be pronounced with a K at the beginning and not a ch (contrasted with Chemie for example, which is pronounced as expected)


seems like it

you can hear the pronunciations


Can someone please explain tauschen/austauschen/wechseln and auswechseln Danke im Voraus!


In English (american) one can say, she is changing their character. Would German require the pl of Charakter in this instance?

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