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  5. "How big is the population?"

"How big is the population?"

Translation:Hvor stor er befolkningen?

December 9, 2014



Which is the difference between hvor and hvordan?


I made the same mistake and went on a little google, result (NOTE this is for Norwegian, but it seems to apply to Danish as well): "Actually there are three different grammatical entities: Hvor (alone) means where, both as interrogative and relative pronoun.

Hvor + adjective or adverb means how +adjective or adverb(hvor lenge, hvor lang, hvor dum du tror jeg er?) Hvordan means how (what way/by what means). Hvordan har du tenkt å klare det? (How do you think you can do it?)." Source: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=2704190&p=13653777#post13653777


thanks for the explanation !


Would 'hvor mange' make sense here, instead of 'hvor stor'?


You cold say "hvor mange er befolkningen på"


Is "stor" declined here? I mean, if the noun was not an "en" noun but an "et" noun, would we say "hvor stort"; or in case of a plural noun, would we say "hvor store"? I hope I am clear :)

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