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  5. "The police have a boat."

"The police have a boat."

Translation:Tá bád ag na póilíní.

December 9, 2014



I can see that people should learn 'police' if they are talking about police in other countries, but 'garda' and 'garda síochána' should also be taught and accepted...


I'm just curious why "póilíní" is used in these sentences intead of "gardaí"? When I was in Ireland, even in English people called them gardaí.


Because police outside Ireland aren't refered to as gardaí


Ah, ok. I was under the impression that the word "garda" was just the Irish word to refer to police.


It means, in general, "guard"; the Irish police are formally "An Garda Siochana," "the Peace Guard." Similarly, the prime minister of Ireland is a "Taoiseach" but the PM of other countries is a "priomh-aire."


So eclipsis only occurs after the singular definite article?


Indeed in the dative singular (after most simple preposition). Never plural. Not all prepositions will involve eclipses after the singular article (i bpáirc, sa pháirc) and some dialect prefer the lenition with or without articles. But (in most modern day cases), never in the plural.


Ah here, Gardaí really shoypd be accepted and taught.

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