Hey didnt know where I should post this. Im having trouble with the Italian listening sections. The audio doesnt work. I keep clicking the button to play the audio and nothing happens. Help?

July 12, 2013


Also all the other audio works. If I answer correctly I hear the "ding" for instance. Its just the audio for the listening sections that isnt working properly. Ive tried multiple times.

this has happened to me on the German site. I posted it on Troubleshooting.

is there any fix? I cant finish any lessons now

Well for a temporary solution since I was near the end and still had 3 heart I wrote "ghjkghjkl" lost a heart and went on, then I lost the other 2 hearts the same way but finished the lesson. I have reported the problelm on "Troubleshooting" . Today my listenign seems ok.

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