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Duolingo slowing down

For the past few days (or maybe weeks, I'm not sure) Duolingo has become extremely slow on PC (curiously, not on Android when I'm doing lessons). At first I thought that it has to do something with my home connection, but it's the same on my work connection (12 Mbit vs 1Gbit), so that can't be the isssue.

Clicking on topics, menus, sentences to translate, even when clicking between two Duolingo tabs takes several seconds to complete. Scrolling through the list of topics in Discussions or through a document I'm translating is a "stop-and-go" situation.

December 9, 2014



Never mind, I have found the problem: Opera. It works fine in Chrome.


If this keeps happening, on your dashboard go to the bottom of the screen and press "help". Then, if you scroll a bit on that screen, you will see a "contact us" button. Press that and you can then e-mail them.

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