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They pronounce "de" as de. I thought it's "dom".

December 9, 2014



You are correct. We are aware of the problems with the Text-To-Speech.


Out of curiosity, is there any measurable progress towards solving the TTS issues at the moment (be it with a new engine or some other solution)?


We are looking into testing a different TTS at the moment.


Excellent! Good luck with it. :)


I would be interested to know if the badly pronounced words have been reported to the TTS supplier. Duolingo is a challenging and high profile test for a TTS. One would think they would like to showcase their product at its finest. Surely the software will internally allow for some word by word tweaking (since languages are full of inconsistencies) so maybe it would not be a huge deal for them. Just my 2p.


To my knowledge we have not reported anything to the developer of the TTS. It's a good suggestion though and since we already have a long list of mispronounced words, I think it could be easily done.


Just a small comment on this. Many elderly swedes, like 70+, would indeed pronounce "de" as spelled. Even some younger lingo-snobs would do it too, plus the majority of the Swedish speakers in Finland. And the same goes for the object form "dem"


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