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[Android bug] Garbled words in "English for Chinese speakers". Is a Chinese font missing?

I am writing this post on behalf of a friend in mainland China, because he has no access to a computer, and therefore cannot post here (Duolingo.com does not display correctly on his phone's browser).

He downloaded the Duolingo app on his China-made Android phone, but it is totally unusable, because all the words that he is asked to translate are garbled. They don't make any sense. I suspect this to be a case of a missing Chinese font, but I am not sure.

I have attached below a screenshot of the issue, as well as screenshots detailing his phone's specifications. I hope the developers of the Duolingo Android app see this post and would be able to tell me whether the issue is fixable now, or whether we should wait for an update. Please let me know if you need any further details regarding this bug, so I forward it to my friend.

December 9, 2014


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