"Vem ligger bredvid mig?"

Translation:Who is lying next to me?

December 9, 2014

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Could this also be "Who is next to me?"


Cursed by my own English shortcomings by saying "lay" instead of "lie". 19 and I still never do that right.


I'm going to take a shot at freeing you of this particular grammar curse: Lay: to place or put something down. Lay is transitive and takes a object. Lie: to recline. Lie is intransitive and does not take an object. Example: I lie down. (no object) I lay myself down. (myself serves as the object) The ball is lying on the table (ball is the subject, not object) I lay the ball on the table. (ball is the object). When my children would jump on the bed I would say, "Lie down, before I lay you down!" - but I never did make them into direct objects! ;-) Hope this helps.


Lay is also the past tense of lie, IIRC


You can lie with your mouth or your person but you lay with your hands.


sounds like a beginning of a horror movie XD


Or after having spent a night out on the town.

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Yes, a rather disquieting sentence.


I must have missed something when "ligger" was first introduced... in my notes I only have "is situated/is located" as the meaning. So, it is "lie/lying" also, obviously. So why isn't it/can't it be "who IS next to me", and does it HAVE to be "who is LYING next to me?" A bit confused now.


I believe att ligga means to lie/to be situated which are actually the same, as in "I'm from Durham." - "Where's that?" - "It lies/is (situated) just south of Newcastle."


Vem ligger bredvid mig?
The Norwegian architect?


"Who is lying next to me"- we will definitely need this in Sweden


I accidentally left out the space between vem and ligger and it found no errors?


Often, the duo software will accept very minor errors.


So, would you say, 'Vem står/sitter bredvid mig', but never 'Vem är bredvid mig' if they are standing/sitting next to me?

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