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  5. "Ritheann an bia tríot."

"Ritheann an bia tríot."

Translation:The food runs through you.

December 9, 2014



I work with a skinny lad who has a big appetite and the way he puts it is that the food goes straight through him (meaning he eats a lot without putting on weight).

So the phrase has a non-diarrhoea meaning too.


I've asked my native speaking friend if this means the food gave you the ❤❤❤❤❤ or is it just a literal discription of what happens to the food we eat pmsl


What does this mean?


Alas, I probably laughed harder at this than I should have...

This sentence definitely applied to the first (and LAST!!) time I at black pudding on our first trip to Ireland. I learned to stick to foods that I (reasonably) knew would be friendly to my digestion. :)


Welcome to Ireland ! :-D


Try cooking it next time.


Wait...it’s supposed to be COOKED??? I just assumed it was Irish sushi! :D

We stayed at a B&B for a few days on that trip, and the owner cooked us a “Full Irish” breakfast. I had to try it, but once was plenty.

That tiny bite was the only thing I didn’t enjoy about that trip. Well, other than getting through security at the Dublin airport...the lines were loooooooooonnnnnggggg.

Every other dish I’ve had has been great!


Soo... what exactly does this mean?


Diarrhea is my guess


Technically we have food decomposed in our blood - aminoacids, vitamins, fat, carbonhydrates so on. So the food is flawing through us.


An bhfuil gá leis seo go léir? Dont need all this crap, why dont you guys just learn ...instead... Danke


Because humour is very important in life, irish people know that! Beagán mheangadh ó am go ham?


Is droch-chócaire é Pól! X-(


Some people have no clue how true that is!!

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