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  5. "Compra una casa."


"Compra una casa."

July 12, 2013



why he or it buys a house and not i buy....


"I buy" = "(io) compro". "Compra" is whether present indicative 3rd person singular (he or she), or 2nd person imperative "Buy a house!" = "compra una casa!"


thanks! im guessing this is where things start to get difficult as im looking at web pages of other verb conjugations where compri and compro are used for he/she too!


its interesting how every native word ends in a vowel.. i actually think it aids learning as once you know a word and some rules you know many words..i find it a common sense system with my limited view, and i am happier learning italian now than before when i was just thinking about it! but you know i love the sound of it, yet if i hadnt heard it, being an outsider understanding how all the words ended like that i might think that it drives them crazy speaking it!! but maybe its just the opposite..

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