"É formal."

Translation:It is formal.

July 12, 2013

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    Can this mean something like The decision is final. Like this maybe?

    Treinador : você está proibido de jogar durante duas partidas. Essa é a decisão dos árbitros, e é formal!


    I would use the word «oficial» or «definitiva» instead.

    [deactivated user]

      I asked because in French formal can mean no room for argument sometimes.


      I see. Perhaps that could work in some Portuguese context too. I cannot think of one right now, though...


      Question: In one Spanish dialect formal also means like hospitable or nice. Esa mujer es muy formal. I was wondering if in any Portuguese dialect they also use that meaning?


      We have another meaning for formal. If we say someone is formal that means the person is serious, like to follow (strict) rules, has a good Portuguese, and is a very polite person. =)


      That's what the English word would mean in this sentence if the subject is He. It is formal is not so clear. Does it mean "This is definite"?


      also 'ele é formal'. But it works in other contexts too: "Que tipo de acordo é esse? - "É formal" / "Como esse pronome é classificado?" - "É formal".


      Al sounds more like aõ. Can you explain


      The letter "l" at the end of words and syllables sounds like "u" /oo/.

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