"Politikerna kritiseras för beslutet."

Translation:The politicians are being criticized for the decision.

December 9, 2014

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Second syllable (first "i") should be stressed in "politikerna": http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/politikerna/


I don't understand kritiseras as being criticized... I thought the -s stood for something like 'sig'/'oss'? (Like: vi träffas -> vi träffa oss). So my guess would be they are criticizing themselves or others... How does the -s mean they are being criticized by someone else? Is this a common way of saying someone is being ... (Verb) ?


No, -s is used for the passive in Swedish. However, some verbs - such as träffas - look like passive forms even though they're active verbs. Such verbs are called deponent verbs.


There's a typo in the translation "are being critizised". It should be "criticized" (yanks) or "criticised" (bri'ish)

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