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  5. "The girl runs with the flag."

"The girl runs with the flag."

Translation:Ritheann an cailín leis an mbrat.

December 9, 2014



Ghirseach? where did that come from? Just looked it up and found it's another word for "girl", but don't remember ever having seen it previously, so it's a bit unfair to expect people to figure it out in one of those choices exercises. It's also possible it has been in the vocabulary before, but I don't remember seeing it. I'm sure I'll remember it now, though.


Hello! Thanks for pointing this out. We don't actually teach "girseach" but we do accept it as an alternative translation. The reason this popped up in this exercise is because we had it accidentally "starred" as the best translation. We have now fixed it, so you shouldn't see it anymore. (We think it's better to teach one word for the basics to avoid confusion :P)


Ah, thanks! Thought I was losing my mind. Probably am, but for different reasons!


Since the new year 2019, something has changed with the system on the Android smart phone. The red panel with the correct answer from Duolingo, can no longer be moved to view the answer given by the pupil. It may not be the case in all circumstances, but it was always a great help to compare our wrong answers with the correct answers given by Duolingo. Can you please correct to old system where that red panel could be moved around the screen. Many Thanks if you can help. SO'G


If you have an issue with the general functionality of Duolingo, raise it in the Duolingo or the Troubleshooting forum.


Why are both 'an mbrat' and 'an bhrat' correct?


Dialects. In Ulster Irish, the dative cases lenites (so, generally, preposition + definite article causes lenition), whereas in Munster and Connacht it eclipses.

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