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  5. "No me dejan desarrollar."

"No me dejan desarrollar."

Translation:They do not let me develop.

July 12, 2013



It is really difficult to figure out when dejar means to allow or to prevent. I guess my rule is unless there is a "de" as in "dejar de" I will assume it means allow.


Yes, you are completely correct! "Dejar de + infinitive" = to stop while "dejar + infinitive" = to allow or let


you have to be kidding... how can one word be an antonym of itself?


Wikipedia's article on auto-antonyms gives many examples of English words which are antonyms of themselves: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-antonym


Old and left are good ones


Think of "dejar de" as "leave off." As in "I am going to leave off drinking for awhile"


I'm not clear on what this sentence means. Can someone give some context where it would be used?


I'm confused as well. Would we use this as a programmer (they wouldn't let me develop it)? Or as a child maybe?


Here is an example I found online

Se trata de factores externos que no me dejan desarrollar mi negocio.

which is simply saying that external factors prevent him from developing his business. All the other usages I found were similar.


hormone therapy?


I'm pretty sure you can use desarrollar when talking about developing film. Also, desarrollar can mean to explain (something or an idea), so in this case the English would be wrong. ;)


wouldn't "they do not permit me to develop" work here too?


Is that what an infantile developer would sobbingly tell his boss after he was bullied by his mates on the job?


I wonder if they ever correct these things. I just put into the error notice that you all is just as valid as they. Apparently looking at the comments here, some one else had problems before. I notice that a lot which makes me wonder if they ever look the suggested corrections.


i've gotten emailed maybe 5 times since i started duolingo that they now accept a translation that I submitted that they marked me wrong for. so yes, but it takes a while. that's why everyone should report when they have a valid translation that is rejected!


how many meanings can the word dejar have?


22 according to RAE's dictionary, without counting adverbial phrases you can create with it.


That's so bad! Selfish people...


Why not the plural of you? "You all do not allow me to develop."


Duolingo only seems to accept "You all" as a translation for ustedes when you are on the Spanish to English side of the site. Did you try "You do not allow me to develop" (with the implicit ustedes/Y'all)?


Duo always accepts "you all" for "ustedes" and "vosotros"


What a difference a year makes, although I have still never seen a vosotros lesson.


They don't appear to teach it on this course.


Why not "they are not letting me develop"? I have marked it as an error, but surely I am not the first to be caught out by this. I would say that my translation is the more natural.


"They do not let me develop" is it obvious what I'm referring to in this sentence, is it to develop myself or develop something else?


Wouldn't it be possible to use the subjunctive in this sentence? Instead, it would read, "No dejan que yo desarrolle."


dejar = laisser in french. Could mean "to leave something alone", "to let something happen", to stop something. there are other meanings as well but I think those are the most commonly used


Down with The Man keeping us down!


It's rare but says incorrect sometimes when I've said it correctly

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