"I am a human."

Translation:Sono un umano.

July 12, 2013

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If I am a female, this would not be una umana?


Ah! Yes, I keep forgetting that


I don't think so. You'd still say "Sono un umano" if you are female.

The word "human" is tricky in that it can be both a noun or an adjective. If you use it as a noun, the Italian word is always "umano", as in: "Vedo un umano (I see a human)."

But if you use it as an adjective, you can use its feminine form: "Vedo una persona umana (I see a human person)."

Since the sentence is "I am a human," the word "human" is a noun, and so you'd say, "Sono un umano." But in the sentence "I am human," the word "human" is an adjective, so you'd say "Sono umana."

The words "human being" are often translated to "essere umano," where "essere" is treated as a masculine noun (despite it looking like a very common verb). Here, you'd always use "umano" because it's an adjective modifying "essere," which is masculine:

  • Lei è un essere umano.
  • She is a human being.

It's similar to how "persona" is femenine, so it is always used with "umana," even if the subject is male:

  • Lui è una persona umana.
  • He is a human person.


Totally get your explanation. Still, sono un'umana was accepted.


Masculine 'umano', feminine 'umana'?


Shouldn't "Sono umano" work?

Duolingo marked it wrong.


Sono umano means I am human (adj). Sono un umano means I am a human (noun). Semantically, they are the same. Grammatically, they are different.


DL has seized up. Whatever answer I put in, it's wrong! And when I do the suggested version, wrong again.



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