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New words Keepy Appearing

Recently when I go to practice all my learnt words in the vocabulary section online, the sentences that appear for me to practice on include words i've never even come across!

Is this meant to happen?

July 12, 2013



It's not exactly keeping me on my toes if i've never seen the words before though surely? It's just confusing me more at the moment :(


Yeah but its good for new words to pop up, keeps you from getting bored :D

But new words may be popping up in Spanish becuase they recently updated the entire Spanish Language tree, so perhaps there are new words.


It may also be because you tested out of a few sections. Apparently if you manage to test out of a section, ALL the words are included in your vocab. (Hence explaining why I "should be able to read" 90% of an article when I can barely)


I've never tested out of an article either :/ which is a bit annoying...nevermind though aye'! Just thought there may've been a reasonable explanation! Thanks anyway :)

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