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"En sæson"

Translation:A season

December 9, 2014



Whats the difference between 'årstid' and 'sæson'? My Danish teacher uses 'årstid' and when I queried why we could not use 'sæson', he said 'sæson' was used more for things like 'the hunting season', 'the season to be jolly' etc, whereas 'årstid' was for winter, spring, summer and autumn. I'm now a little confused and would appreciate some more insight.


Your teacher seems to be right. An "årstid" is literally a time (tid) of the year (år), and the "s" signifies that "år" is in the genitive case, naturally. A "sæson" is a period with something special, or a season of a TV show. Correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm no native.


it really sounds like a french word to my ear


Definitely didn't think this was "in season" when I first saw it... (0.0')

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