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Repetitions in lessons

Hi, I'm not sure if it is problem or not, but there is lot of repetitive sentences/words in single practice recently. Moreover these are simple things, which I don't think I've ever got wrong. For instance I was doing practices 4 times and each time I got asked for 'en familj' or 'en elefant'. Also during new lessons I sometimes get quizzed (listening) on word I've not yet been itroduced to and also there's a lot of repetition during the lesson - a sentence repeats 4 or more times..

December 9, 2014



Unfortunately this is nothing we contributors can fix. It seems however these kinds of problems are not uncommon during beta phases and it will be looked into in the future.


Thanks. Yes, that's what I thought, but I wanted to ask anyway. It makes sense, so let's just wait and see if it gets fixed :)


That is a general glitch in Duolingo. Some people experience it. I hope removing it has a high priority. I really know the Danish word varmen now, thank you very much.


I get "en familj" every single time I review. On the up side, I'm really good at the word family now... Stupid duolingo!


I think it does it to stress the importance of family in one's life :)


Sometimes I'm telling somebody how great duolingo is and that I learn swedish there. Then I'm usually asked to say something and always end up with telling "en spindel dricker vatten". I think I did this sentence too many times ;).

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