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  5. "En mængde af folk."

"En mængde af folk."

Translation:An amount of people.

December 9, 2014



I'm not a native English speaker but I always thought that amount goes with mass nouns (amount of sugar) and number with countable nouns (number of calls). 'A number of people' sounds much better to me.

Am I wrong about English? Is there some shift in meaning between English and Danish? (The help offers 'amount' and 'amount of' as translations for 'mængde'.)


The definition from the Oxford Dictionary is given as "A quantity of something, especially the total of a thing or things in number, size, value, or extent" which to me suggests it can be used for both countable and uncountable nouns. I hear "amount" used this way all the time, but maybe this could be a difference between American and British English

However, you're definitely not wrong to say "A number of people" and it should now be accepted


I'm in Australia (closer to British English), and I don't think I've ever heard "an amount of people", always "a number of people".


I concur with the others here who maintain that you should not use "amount", regardless of what you may have heard in America. It seems that the Oxford Dictionary excuses you, but I don't think it does really. As you quote it, it says "something". The Oxford Dictionary does not refer to people as belonging to the category of "something", I hope. I would also never use "amount" for inanimate countable nouns, although your reference apparently shows that one may. Especially, referring to animate countable nouns, one should not use "amount". Use "number" or, even better, when dealing with people, "a crowd".


You're correct. Unfortunately this rule is rarely kept now.


You are right, the sentence is awkward in English.

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Mængde seems to be related to the dutch 'menigte', which means 'a (large) crowd'. I wonder if 'amount' is a good translation here. 'An amount of people' can mean 'two people'.


Tricky, in most situations we use "mængde" to mean more than "et par" or "en håndfuld", but in math "en mængde" can be any number, even zero.


I put "A lot of people" which seems like an ok translation.


Weird, I put that, but it marked it as incorrect


the correct danish translation is " en mængde folk". " en mængde af folk " would not be used by us danes.


Question Kirsten863152: you are a Dane and I've long wondered by so many posts in the Danish course are by Danes. I wondered if you could explain why you are taking a course in your own native language.


As a native English speaker, "An amount of people", sounds wrong and since people are countable, we say "A number of people" or "A crowd", the latter being rejected.


Crowd should be accepted now


Folks, why on earth is a lot of people wrong? I know, which answer the system expects, but "amount of people' sounds highly unusual


Is «af» necessary or can it be left out?


Amount, much, little etc. are used in combination with singular nouns and number, many, few etc. are used in combination with plural nouns. This rule is violated quite frequently in conversational / colloquial English to the point of sounding pedantic when adhered to...


Pedantic or not, people sound ignorant when using English incorrectly to native speakers and we shouldn't imply they won't to learners. It's like the peculiar Indian 'since three days' is often used but doesn't make it correct English.


Would "a number of folk" or "a number of folks" be correct as well? I'll admit both are a bit...well, folksy.


Surely "an amount of people" is the least intuitive and least common meaning or translation of this expression? It should give other options. I use the android app.


Hvad med "A set of people."? I matematik betyder "mængde" set, i det mindste.


I'm a native speaker of English. I would never say "an amount of people".


In english one would never say "an amount of people." The best translation is a "crowd of people". That is acceped as a correct translation but not listed as the preferred translation. Why?


Mingan8 You are correct


Amount is to express how much of a single entity, number is for discrete items. Since people are not an amorphous mass, this really ought to be number, though my brain likes to map mængde to 'many'


I agreed with you all. Frankly there are so many better ways of implying an attending crowd that we could be here all day if we were to list them.

I'm surprised that Duo actually accepted my "A quantity of people."


Mångde has several meanings. One is "amount" and a second meaning is a "crowd" for a large number or group of people at an event. As a native American I would never say an amount of people but a crowd of people or a group of people or even number of people are all acceptable uses in American English. Given the meanings for "mængde" a crowd of people seems the best translation and Duolingo accepts that as correct.


"A lot of people" sounds more typical in English. "Crowd" was one of the hover hints. "A crowd of people" is equivalent to "a lot of people."


Please change the English translation of this one - it simply hurts having to write 'an amount of people' all the time to get the right answer


One would never use amount to describe a number of people - at least in English.


Shouldn’t this translate as ‘many people’ instead. Or a group. It would make more sense.


Many = "mange" på dansk

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