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Are there going to be new options added for bonus skills?

Right now I can only see two. Flirting and Idioms and frankly in themselves they are not great. There are three spots. So, why only two options?

December 9, 2014


[deactivated user]

    There was a Christmas skill released during Christmas 2013. They may release it again this year, but no one really knows right now.


    You can get the Christmas skill by following these instructions. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4997475


    I tried that but I'm on internet explorer and it didn't work. I was able to bring up the console and enter it. It just didn't show up on the home page.


    Chrstmas skill is now available from the Web Store, buy now while it is available!


    Wow it just showed up on my home page when I logged in. And now I'm missing 15 lingots. Duolingo is psychic...

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