New Member!

I'm a new member of Duolingo and so far I'm loving it! It is a fun and easy way learning a new language. I'm currently reviewing Spanish and learning French and German.

July 12, 2013


Hi, sounds challenging, I'm sticking with one new language till mastered. Good luck, it is a good site.

Thank you! I agree with you it is a good site. Good luck to you too! :)

Welcome to Duolingo!

Three languages at once seems rather excessive.I spent months on German, logging on every day. It was quite enough to keep me busy.

It does seem excessive but it keeps me busy. I'm concentrating more on Spanish but I will work on French and German here and there. But eventually everything will get finished with a little PDT (patience, dedication and time). :)

Probably Duolingo will give the right sprint to my life... Thanks for exist! Or better: Danke! :P

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