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"Wonen jullie in Holland of in de andere provincies?"

Translation:Do you live in Holland or in the other provinces?

December 9, 2014



I think this is correct. Jullie refers to multiple people so they can live in multiple provinces.


Shouldn't this sentence say something along the lines:

"Do you live in Holland or in one of the other provinces?"

Someone who doesn't live in Holland perhaps lives in 'one' of the other provinces but not all of them :/


Like so many sentences on here, it's weird, but valid.

It kinda makes sense in scenarios where people are divided into groups of Hollanders and the rest.


Hollanders are people who live in the kingdon of the netherlands (including a few islands on the other side of the atlantic ocean like Aruba) . Nederlanders are the people who live in the coutry the netherlands, which is in europe. there are 12 provences in the netherlands, 2 of them are called noord-holland (north-holland) and zuid-holland(south-holland). these 2 is where duo is pointing at i think, however i think its a really confussing sentence AND IM NATIVE DUTCH!


the link izzy droped 2 reactions below is where im pointing at (if you didnt understand what i ment, you should watch that)


Yay, I can finally type Holland and not be wrong!


I'm so confused about this Holland vs Netherlands thing. I know that's pretty dumb but I grew up thinking it was the same... Can someone explain?


I find this video very helpful: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE_IUPInEuc

Basically it's historical: Holland was one of the more powerful of the Low Provinces back in the day. Today, North Holland and South Holland (together "Holland") comprise two of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands.


Thank you so much!


It is the same. When I say the netherlands to anyone I know in the UK they have no idea where I am referring to until I say Holland. And that is how it is. It wasn't until I moved to Holland that certain foreigners kept trying to remind me that I was getting mixed up with the provinces (rolls eyes).


It's similar to the case where people refer to United Kingdom as England in general, while technically England is the largest of the kingdoms besides Wales, Scotland and North Ireland.


Am I to understand that, by itself, "Holland" refers only to Noord-Holland? And is Zuid-Holland therefore always "Zuid-Holland"? Or does no one ever speak of Zuid-Holland?


Holland, although seldom used, refers to both Noord-Holland and South-Holland nowadays.


Why do y'all chant "Holland" during football games?


i think people used to say it _


Probably because it's shorter than Ne-der-land :)


Have you tried the alternative? Ofcourse you're right and it annoys me too. I'm not from Holland; I'm from Groningen.


Because it sounds awesome!


Corrected sentence: "Wonen jullie in Noord/Zuid-Holland of in een andere provincie?"

Translation: "Do you live in North/South-Holland or one of the other provinces?"

The original sentence is wrong on so many levels. Let me try and elaborate from my point of view as a Dutch native:

Dutch mentality: Generally, Dutch people stick together. Because our country is so small it is easy to maintain friendships. When a friend moves within The Netherlands the longest distance you could possibly move away is ~370km. Despite that people usually tend to stick to the region they are born into.

Conclusion: when addressing a group of strangers I would assume they are from the same region.

Relevant fun facts:

  1. Holland has 12 provinces.

  2. Most people live in the provinces: Utrecht and Noord/Zuid-Holland. In fact, 7 out of 17million persons do. This region is called "de randstad".(edge of cities)

3.1 The province Holland, mentioned here, has been split into Noord and Zuid Holland in 1830 (according to wiki) and nowadays they are never mentioned as 1 entity.

3.2 When Dutch people talk about just Holland (in English or Dutch) they are only talking about the country itself. Not any of the provinces.

I hope this helps.

Disclaimer: facts presented I verified on wikipedia. Any statement or opinion offered here is not ment to generalise or offend anyone. A.k.a. not looking for a screenwar.

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