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  5. "The big boy. The boy is big."

"The big boy. The boy is big."

Translation:De grote jongen. De jongen is groot.

December 10, 2014



Why we use plural for the first sentence and singular for the secondone? Like why "noun+grote" and "is+ groot"?


It isn't plural and singular, it's where the adjective is - if it's in front of a noun with a definite article, an de-noun with an indefinite article, or a de-word otherwise, you need to add the e to it. In the second sentence, it's a predicate adjective, so it doesn't get the e. The lesson Adjective basics has the details and some examples on this.


Ok so I thought diminutives were het words even if they are gendered. For example it's het meisjes but de vrouw. Why not het jongen and de man?


That's because 'jongen' isn't a diminutive. The diminutive for 'jongen' would be 'jongetje', which is indeed a 'het-woord'.

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