"Should you not be sleeping now?"

Translation:Skulle du ikke sove nu?

December 10, 2014



Not sure I understand where the "be" came from?

December 10, 2014


Unlike English, Danish doesn't have separate forms for Present Simple and Present Continuous: du sover can be translated both as "you sleep" and "you are sleeping". So this sentence also translates to "Should you not sleep now?"

A hint - I use Present Simple in "type in English" tasks all the time to save me the typing of modal verb ("are"/"am" and this case "be") and the "-ing".

June 29, 2015


Where's the difference between skulle and skal?

February 15, 2018


Skulle is the infinitive, past tense, or (important here) the conditional form. It most directly translates to "should".

Skal is present tense and is more around "shall" or "have to".

April 20, 2018
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