I just reached level 25!!

Hello everybody!

My name is Gustavo, a native spanish speaker and I have doing this post for to share with you my happiness that I am feeling now :-)

I'm very glad today because I just reached the level 25, and the same time i have finished my English tree!!

That was been a great challenge for me, I am in Duolingo during almost six months (the same quantity of days that I have the "racha") and I have seen that the daily effort and practice have produced great many results in my English level.

When I began my practice with Duolingo, I didn't know a little bit of words in English, not even to express my ideas in a sentence! Now, I have reached a comprehension that I have never inagined before in this period of time (six months).

Sorry for the mistakes, I guess that I must have many of them haha, but at the same time I think that the mistakes are the best teachers.

I want to thank you Duolingo and Duolingo community for to do that learning possible.

Good bye and all the best for you!!!

December 10, 2014

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Congratulations, Gustavo! A double achievement, that's great!

Aquí son algunas correcciones porque los errores son maestros buenos. :)

  • I am making this post to share with you the happiness that I am feeling now :-)

  • I'm very glad today because I just reached level 25, and at the same time I have finished my English tree!!

  • This has been a great challenge for me. I have been on Duolingo for almost six months (the same number of days as my streak "racha") and I have seen that daily effort and practice has* produced great improvement in my understanding of English.

  • When I began practicing with Duolingo, I only knew a few words in English, not even enough to express my ideas in a sentence! Now, I have reached a level of comprehension that I would have never imagined before in this period of time (six months).

  • I want to thank you Duolingo and Duolingo community for making that learning possible.


December 10, 2014

Thanks Alexis! Your advice has been very useful for me :-)

Gustavo, you are awesome! Felicitaciones mi amigo.

Thank you very much for your words, friend :-) You will reach the level 25 into Spanish too, i'm very glad for your learning process! All the best for you

I'm impressed with your English fluency.

Thank you very much for your comment in my post!

Congratulations! I know how thrilled I was to reach level 25 in Spanish, AND to finish my tree. It's a lot of work, but very worthwhile!

I agree with you! This work is sometimes hard and repetitive but very worthwhile, I'm learning a lot of new words and expressions in English from Duolingo.

Congratulations to you, Gustavo!

Thanks so much, Grandmumm!

Felicitaciones y Congratulations!

You accomplished a LOT in only six months. I am very impressed. You have a few mistakes but you are very easy to understand.

"Racha" en inglés es "streak".

Hi Irtward, and thanks for your pretty words :-) From today, I will continue keeping golden my tree and learning English, a beautiful and very useful language. I help keeping my motivation to see my achievements reached during the last six months, activity that will have to reflected in my increasing streak.

Hi Gustavo, here are some small suggestions to improve:

  • I will continue keeping my tree golden ...
  • It helps me keeping my motivation to see my achievements reached during the last six months, an activity that will be reflected in my increasing streak.

Thanks a lot! Greetings :-)

Congratulations, my friend!

...And that you keep learning y siendo una inspiración para muchos :)

Thanks for your words!

That is very important for your life! Congratulations! walking all the time it is the way!

Hello Cesar! That's right! My achievement has an important step in my learning process of a new language as the English. "The first little-large step". All the best for you :-)

Yo quiero aprender tan fácil como tú, felicitaciones :)

You can do it, just keep your daily practice with many effort and you will achieve it!

Thank so much!

Amigo estoy impresionado con tu progreso, aunque se pueden apreciar unos cuantos pequeños errores tu nivel es muy bueno! Estoy totalmente de acuerdo, los pequeños errores te enseñan mucho. Sigue así amigo, vas a ver que si sigues aprendiendo con dedicación unos 6 meses mas, vas a perfeccionar muuucho tu ingles. Se ve que vas por muy buen camino y te felicito por terminar tu árbol y llegar al level 25! :)

Thank you for your words! I like your comment very much, I deal with you, the key for to reach an successed learning is to keep the daily practice, at least that has been my method to study english. Six months ago, I didn't know many important words and basic grammar to the English, and now I know only a little bit of them thanks to Duolingo Method. I'm very glad for this :-)

"key to reach" (or less commonly, "key for reaching"), but never "key for to" -- probably never use "for to" together ever.

Thank you very much!

Congratulations! Keep up with good work. :)

Thank so much! I'll keep my daily practice :-)

Felicidades :D ahora haras el arbol de español con el idioma de ingles?o: crees que sirva?o:

Thanks! Yes, Now I'm doing the spanish tree because I've heard about the reverse tree on forums, the other users who have made it say that it is a good way to improve your english. Making the reverse tree you must to think in English in order to compete the lessons and exercises; in addtion, the spanish tree for english native speakers contains new vocabulary that the english tree doesn't have. Goodbye!

good luck and thanks for answering!!!!!!!! :D

You are welcome! :-)

Felicitaciones Gustavo. In spite of having started from scratch, you've learned a lot in a short period of time. Bravo!

Thank so much for your comment! I'm very glad for your words and yes, I've learned a lot in a few months, and I continue learning day after day. Good bye! (I have added as a friend on Duolingo). Bye!

You're welcome. I've also added you as a friend :)

Felicitaciones!. Por otro lado tengo una duda inquietante, he visto que muchas personas que su idioma nativo es español y estudian español en duolingo, ¿por que lo hacen? (lo digo porque es un fenómeno que he visto muchas veces).


Many time ago, when I just had entred on Duolingo I asked myself the same question, until I read in many post that other users commented the useful to this method, called "The Reverse tree". That method consists in develop the spanish tree for english native speakers. A native spanish speaker who is learning English could benefit a lot with using this skil, because the spanish tree contains many new words and expressions that does not exist in the english tree for spanish native speakers. In addition, that way allows you to improve your english because you must to think in english in order to resolve the exercises and lessons.

Sorry for my bad english, I hope that you can understand my comment. I know that is still very poor but I need to improve my english, and writing is the best way to achieve my goals.

Good bye and good luck!

Gustavo tiene razón, el árbol invertido necesita mas inteligencia y habilidad por que no permite la misma estructura de los frases. Y cada idioma tiene mucho de palabras por la misma cosa y cuando aprendáis el árbol inverto tenéis que usar la palabra correcta :-D Otro ejemplo: Hay diferencias culturales en los arboles, aprendas estadounidense o americano. Es un punto de vista diferente.

Terminé mi árbol español y trabajo para completar mi árbol invertido, esta 70% :-D. Y por qué aleman es mi propia lengua el árbol invertido de aleman también.

Buen suerte :-)

Your comment is almost perfect! It is very clear to understand all your words and phrases. Here are some corrections (You need use more articles) I hope that they are very useful for you:

  • "... estructura de las frases"
  • "árbol inverso" or "árbol invertido"
  • "Terminé mi árbol de español"
  • "Y porque el alemán es mi propia lengua"

Hey! I thought that you was from United States!

Good bye! :-)

¡Gracias amigo!

No, yo soy alemán y si hablo ingles durante los viajes tengo que decir: Perdone no soy un gringo, soy alemán :-D Te deseo el mismo!

hahaha you're making me laugh with your last post "I'm not a Gringo, I'm German", that was a funny situation during your travel. Thanks! ;-)

Y si llevo puesto una ropa verde es muy divertido también ;-)

Ahora tengo que explicar mi gran sonrisa para mis colegias en mi trabajo :-D

Hola Gustavo, very good i like your dedication. Great achievement! :-) Have you been able to use your duolingo skills in real life yet? I am keen to know how level 25 feels in a conversation!

Muchos felicidades mi amigo y gracias a tu conquista ;-) Como esta el efecto del nivel 25 en las conversaciones? Esta muy fácil habler o no?

Buen suerte para los nivels empiezan!

Hello, thanks for your comment! I can to say you that for the moment I don't use my new skils in a real conversation in English, but I hope to do it soon. At the moment, I use my abilities and I have applied my progress in English in chats trought whattsapp with other english students, native english speakers who are users on Duolingo.

Please let me give you some suggest for your spanish, it is very clear but you have possibilities to improve it! Here are:

  • Muchas felicidades mi amigo y gracias por tu conquista ;-)
  • ¿Como esta el efecto del nivel 25 en las conversaciones? ¿Es muy fácil hablar o no?
  • ¡Buena suerte para los niveles que empiezan!

Good bye and all the best for you ;-)

Gracias por ayudarme :-) Tengo que estudiar mucho más para el nivel 25 :-D

Wow, it is impressive and motivating!!!! CONGRATULATIONS

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