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A request for easier switching between courses with different "native" languages.

By default I use English as my native language and I've just finished my Spanish tree that way.

But I'd like to finish German and English trees by using Spanish as a native language.

Unfortunately, every time I want to switch between these courses and my original Spanish tree, I need to go into series of annoying mouse clicks to choose a new language from the "native" languages list, then choose my "new" destination language, wait while duolingo change the whole interface for the "native" language, go to the Home tab.

Also if someone is looking at your account at that time, only achievements made in the native language count. Like if you happen to read this message while I'm in English "native" mod, you'd see that I have level 14 in Spanish and level 8 in German. If I study in Spanish "native" mod, then I'd have low levels in French, German and English.

My request is to make switching easier and count all achievements, not only for the native language someone is currently using.

December 10, 2014



It's more difficult to do that than we think, and it's most likely not high on Duolingo's list at the moment.


Try this. Duolingo users make their own "greasemonkey" scripts, and while I haven't tried this one out, it may solve some of your problem. It allows for switching without changing the base language.


Thanks a lot for the link! It solved the biggest problem with switching.


I really don't know why the admins do not implement this as a default feature. The users develop these scripts looking for important missing features and since it is open source and the job is already done I guess it would be easier. I've been using this for several months as well.


I have the same problem. My mother tongue is Portuguese but I speak English too.


I wish for the same thing. I learned enough german where I can learn french from it on duolingo, but switching languages is a pain so I often forget I can do it.

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