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"Geen opmerkingen"

Translation:No comments

December 10, 2014



Why does it say "reageren" on Facebook for the comment button, and it refers to them as "reacties"? Is that just specifically weird to Facebook? Why wouldn't they use opmerkingen?


To comment means 'reageren'. So when someone 'reageert', it's called 'een reactie' (means 'reaction, or response'). 'Een opmerking' (or even better: commentaar) means 'a remark, observation, or comment'. Note that comment is mostly used for criticism.


Ok, thanks! That makes sense. :D


I had the exact same doubt. Bedankt!


So, this is what politicians and other people say when they won't talk to the press, right? :)


No, in that case this phrase is used: "Geen commentaar." It signifies the person does not want to respond. "Geen opmerkingen" may be used in cases when you do not have suggestions for improvement.


How would i decompose "opmerkingen"? I can see "op" right away, but how does it fit together with the rest?


'Opmerking' comes from the verb 'opmerken' (to remark/to notice). The verb is a compound of 'op' and 'merken'. 'Merken' almost means the same as 'opmerken', it's just used a bit differently (they are not interchangeable): to notice, to perceive, to observe.

Hope that helps!

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