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"Mijn ouders hebben me een ansichtkaart gestuurd."

Translation:My parents sent me a postcard.

December 10, 2014



Fast audio pronunciation is very unclear, it almost sounds like '-hebben hun ansichtkaart-' . The 'me' and 'een' are mashed together.


To this native speaker, it doesn't sound wrong.

[deactivated user]

    Wouter It is a machine, a robot (text to speech) It is not a human, dus zulke fouten kan gebeuren.


    Can it by "Mijn ouders hebben mij een ansichtkaart gestuurd" if you're like talking to your sister or something and your parents didn't send her one?


    It sounds a bit weird to say "Mijn ouders"/"My parents", both in English and Dutch, but it's not incorrect. I would still say that "Mom and dad sent me a postcard" or "Mam(a) en Pap(a) hebben mij een ansichtkaart gestuurd" sounds much better :)


    Q: Do many people say "my parents...." to their siblings? Wouldn't they say "onze ouders"? My youngest sister actually says this to me and it irks me to no end!!


    yeah im stupid i ask stupid questions im sorry

    ur right


    Oh no! I was asking for myself, not trying to correct you. Sorry for the confusion. :/


    no i know im just saying in hindsight my question was stupid lmao no worries


    Ansichtkaart seems like a strange word to me. I spelled it Aanzichtkaart, as that made more sense, and of course it is wrong. Google Translate tells me "ansicht" is the same word as "aanzicht" in German. Is there a reason why the German is used, or an alternative explanation? Thanks!

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