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I am having a real problem with the DUOLINGO website.

I have a 3 month old i Mac Computer. On the DUOLINGO page where I do the exercises, way over on the left-hand margin is a small white tab which says "Support." Frequently, as many as three times a day while I am trying to go through a lesson that white tab moves to the left and all of the lesson disappears and I have to start over, even if I have gotten everything correct up to that point. How do I prevent this?Anybody else have the same problem?

July 13, 2013



I have not had this kind of problem, but it could be a problem with the safari browser. If you havent already try downloading google chrome or mozilla firefox and see if the problem persists


I think it should be chrome. I have just given up using firefox because I got fed up with all the problems I was having with it.It kept ticking. It wouldn't let me go from tab to tab or download anything from a tab. So far chrome has been okay.


I only use Google chrome.

This problem is with Chrome.


Thanks for your comments. It's still happening, so that it takes me twice as long to do a DUOLINGO lesson. I would like to contact DUOLINGO directly to ask them what to do because, if this continues, I will have to give up on DUOLINGO which, otherwise, is a great way to learn or brush up on Spanish. Does anyone know how to contact DUOLINGO directly? I haven't found a way to do that yet. Thanks.

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