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  5. Why did my hearts go away?


Why did my hearts go away?

The 3 hearts that I get at the start of each lesson have disappeared. I would like to have them back because I feel that is the best way to learn. If I loose my hearts by answering wrong I need to repeat the lesson. Giving me unlimited chances does not help me to learn only to advance through the lessons without knowing what I am doing.

December 10, 2014



What you are describing is a new A/B test applied to many Duo users. In this test, when you go into a quiz you answer as many right until you a familiar with the information. If you get one wrong your progress will be set back. There is no way to loose which I think is more motivational than the sad Duo owl when you fail a lesson.


by the way, did you know that if you don't know a word you can simply hover over it to find out?


well, now you won't have to suffer from this since Duolingo has started to use strenth bars instead.Good luck with strenth bars!


But I didnt get the new strength bars!

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