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Pronunciation of "de" (swedish)

Hej alla ! In addition to Duolingo, I get swedish courses from native swedish-speakers and they tell us that "de" is pronounced "dom". Yet, I've never seen anyone discussing it in the lessons and I don't really know where to stand. I always end up writing down "det" during the listening activities (which makes some sentences weird but I can't get used to "de" not being pronounced "dom"). So I'm wondering, maybe in some dialects it's pronounced de ? Or is it a synthetic-voice related issue ? Thanks :)

December 10, 2014



Hej! It is a TTS issue. Anrui wrote here:

We, the Swedish team, are very well aware of the problems with the TTS (Text-To-Speech) system which has been implemented so far. We are trying desperately to find a better solution, but unfortunately, it seems to be quite difficult to integrate other TTS systems. Until we have figured out how to employ another TTS, we encourage you to report all sentences that seem to be badly pronounced. We have been forced to disable the voice function in many cases since we do not want to teach incorrect pronunciation. However, a few common words have been kept even though their pronunciation is not entirely correct.

The first one is “De” which means “They”. Even though the words is spelled “de”, it is pronounced “dom” in all cases. The objective pronoun “dem” (them) is also pronounced “dom”, but at least the TTS gets this right!

Another example is “är” which means “is”. The TTS pronounces this in the way people in the region around Stockholm would, i.e. “é”. There is a lot of variation in the country when it comes to the pronunciation of this word, but the pronunciation that is closest to a standard is “är” (as it is spelled), therefore we would suggest that you stick to that even though the TTS says otherwise.

Good luck and enjoy!


It is always pronounced ”dom”. Some dialects say ”di”, e.g. in Finland, but the dialect of the voice is not one of them. :)

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