"Pigen fulgtes med drengen til festen."

Translation:The girl went with the boy to the party.

December 10, 2014



It wouldn't be passive tense in English. It's just a colloquial expression that you need to memorize.

March 21, 2015


How is this passive?

February 6, 2015


I have hard time understanding it. So one of the options for translating the sentence is "the girl followed the boy" Why: pigen fulgtes = the girl followed when: dørene åbnedes = the doors were opened I mean, why not the girl was followed then?

February 24, 2015


Good question...

August 15, 2018


Why would this be used instead of the past tense of 'gå'?

December 10, 2014


"Went" does not tell you whether they walked to the party, they could have taken a car, bus or their bikes. "Fulgtes" is similar in that it merely explains that they went together, but says nothing about the mode of transport.

December 11, 2014


Thanks for this, and for the other answers. So does 'gik' always imply walking?

December 12, 2014


"Gå, går, gik, gået" can also be used when things break.

"I think the engine will go out"= "jeg tror motoren vil gå ud".

"The generator is going out"= "generatoren går ud".

"The light bulb went out"= "pæren gik ud".

"The light bulb has gone out"= "pæren er gået".

December 12, 2014


and "gar i stykker" which definitely means break (litteraly : go into pieces, but breaking as general).

March 21, 2015


So 'at følge' must be in passive form when there's no D.O (intransitive)?

April 18, 2016



August 15, 2018


The girl was accompanied by the boy to the party?

August 2, 2016


I wrote a similar sentence, it was rated as wrong, they want" The girl went with the boy to the party" It is a holy mess, there is no passive in the answer and if one writes a sentence in passive, it's wrong. There are more bugs like that in this lesson!

October 18, 2018


Ah! That translation is much better! Now it is passive. Fulgtes med = accompanied by. I will have to remember that. Thanks!

September 26, 2017
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