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Bit of an odd issue with the skill tree shuffle...

Hey all,

It would appear that I have completed a lesson which has been moved further down the tree.

The only real problem is that I have no way to intentionally practice it or review it, but the words are simply injected into my lessons regularly.

They are currently the biggest culprit for getting questions wrong, I'm not very well skilled in them. I had gone back and reviewed and strengthened all the other skills for this same reason, but I can't access this one, it's still "locked"

It's the "To Be: Es / Estar" on the Spanish Tree. I thought perhaps if I completed "Places", but nope, I gotta still finish "Verbs" and "Objects" yet to even view the vocab in "To Be" which has vocab in the majority of my lessons.

I suppose I'll have to do a review somewhere else until I can complete "Places" and "Objects" but it sure is an odd quirk of the tree rearrangement.

July 13, 2013



I'm still new here but you may be able to practice this if you go to the vocabulary section select the word and then click "practice word".


That sounded like a good idea until I tried it...

I opened the skill in vocab, and I can see "Ser", the words are fairly strong... but "estar" will not load, it sits in an infinite loop of loading, even after refreshing the page.

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