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"Butikken sælger de fleste biler."

Translation:The shop sells most cars.

December 10, 2014



the correct English translation should be "The shop sells THE most cars." The translation given means something different from the comparison (superlative) statement. "The shop sells most cars" means that of all the kinds of cars sold, the shop sell a high percentage of these cars but NOT all of them.


I assume this means 'more cars than other shops', rather than most kinds of car, which is what 'The shop sells most cars' implies in English.


I interpret it as a shop that sells most kinds of cars.

"The shop sells more cars (than other shops)" is "butikken sælger flere biler".

"This shop sells the most cars" is "denne butik sælger flest biler".


Is there a reason one cannot say 'store' instead of 'shop'?

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