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I think a windows phone app for duolingo is better

As you know windows phone increase more and more quickly now, some users of windows phone want a duolingo app for windows phone,like me, so i think it will be better when an app for windows phone comes :)!!!

July 13, 2013



What's "better" supposed to mean in this context? I am not opposing your wish for an app for your OS but I disagree with your premise. Windows phone is around a market share of 5% and I don't see this increase right now. With limited resources of the duolingo crew it's natural to concentrate on the big players to get the most impact. Let's still hope they find the time now and then to make you happy too ;)


hello , i am a chinese. In china, iphone is too expensive for us, and google service has been limited by gov. for a long time, so i think windows phone is our best choice


Good to know. Again, still hope the guys from duolingo make such an app eventually.


You should fight your government then dude. Android is by far the most used OS in the world.


fight gov. are you crazy?? I will be dead....


我的娘在上海买了一部android手机、不贵。是不能用很多google services可是能安装apk。网上都找得到。我认为在中国windows phone还是用的很少的吧。我认识的人都用iPhone或者android。

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