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Chríochnaigh mé mo chrann na Gaeilge!

And I never finish anything out of my own freewill! Especially something so challenging & overwhelming at times. I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to get through it with all my invisible impairments but now they've started looking less like mountains & more like mole hills. A couple issues I thought would be a life long struggle actually seemed to have essentially disappeared. I guess the last mountain to conquer is to actually speak it with people..

Now whenever I feel like I can't do anything I'll just remember "We'll damn, I already learned Irish, how much harder can this possibly be?"

Now onto German! (And still a lot more reviewing, studying & advancing in Irish)

December 10, 2014



Comhghairdeas! Well done :) Thanks for being such an avid tester of the course. We really appreciate it :D Viel Glück mit dem deutschen Lernbaum!


Go raibh maith agat und Danke! And sorry if I drove you nuts with all those reports. I actually sent a couple more this morning but in retrospect I'm not even sure I should've since it's probably what's just natural to me rather than any acceptable form of english.


Don't worry :) I love getting reports :P


Many, many congratulations, Jillianimal!!!

You've done something amazing and I'm so much in awe.


Go raibh maith agat!! :)


*Chríochnaigh. Ach comgharideachas. Is deas é a fheiceal daoine atá ag foghlaim na Gaeilge.


I've fallen waaaaay behind on my learning, but my New Year's resolution is to finally stop procrastinating and actually do some real work!


GRMA! Good luck with it :) If you haven't already tried it yet, I found that dabbling in another language for a bit somehow makes it easier when you get back to your original one, even if they aren't related. Breaks can work wonders sometimes. Also the bugs are mostly cleared up so there's less of that frustration.




Comhghairdeas! :) I really should start Irish sometime, sounds like an interesting language!


GRMA! It definitely is, also takes a while to grasp certain things but it's worth it.


Yay! Rinne tú go maith!


Comhghairdeas! I hope to get there someday too.


Comhgairdeas! :D

Bain sult as an Ghearmáinís :)


Comhghairdeas!!! That's fantastic that you stuck with it and made it to the top. I'm making progress, but it will be a while before I finish my tree. And have a great time with German! You may find yourself sometimes saying, "Gosh. That was easier in Irish!"

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