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"Sorry, but I did not pay him."

Translation:Sorry, maar ik betaalde hem niet.

December 10, 2014



sorry maar betaalde ik hem niet - why this is wrong answer?


I am also wondering why the verb does not come sooner (V2 since you open with "Sorry maar...")?


Better Dutch would be in my opinion: Sorry, maar ik heb hem niet betaald.


Wat mankeert er met: Sorry, maar ik heb hem niet betaalt.


When do you use "sorry" and when "excuus" - the latter was not accepted


Perhaps one uses excuus after he farts (tee hee), or sneezes, or when trying to politely get someone out of his way. sorry is something you say when what you thought was a joke is making people pass out, or gag (uh, I have a lot of free time, in case you can't tell), when they seem obviously offended, or when you think they might be, like if you bump into them, or cut them off in a supermarket aisle, or are blocking them in an aisle because you have your head in the clouds, and they have to cough really loud to get your attention.


Pardon, maar ik betaalde hem niet. Rather translate I "sorry" with "sorry"and it was wrong and I had to use "Pardon" and…. now this is wrong and it have to be "sorry". ??????


This was marked wrong: "Het spijt mij, maar ik betaalde hem niet." Does anyone know why?

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