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Massive cheat found

If you type in random text and then push enter and then escape really quickly you can get an instant correct...

December 10, 2014



Why on earth would you cheat on Duolingo?

If you don't want to learn a language, just don't sign on here.
If you're trying to cheat in a class that requires Duolingo activity, you're only cheating yourself out of learning and into a failing grade. Not too smart.
If you want to earn undeservedly high levels and impress people, it won't work because it's blatantly obvious who here is serious about learning and who's here to kill time and goof off.

Cheating on Duolingo would be like saying "Hey, I can get back home without ever having to leave on vacation!" You miss the whole point.


You do not understand why I posted this. I wanted to show the developers that there was a bug in their code. At my school, duolingo is used in marking, and at the end of the year, the level that you completed to is used to recommend classes for the next year and determine how harshly teachers mark students. I have seen people in my class using this cheat, and now, after I posted this, the bug has been fixed.


Are you using an app or the web version of the site? Because it does not work for me with the web version.

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