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"Enter a word that describes these images" issue

As you can see in the screenshots I was only able to enter plural articles while Duolingo accepted only singular. This happened to me several times in last three months.

July 13, 2013



This problem has been fixed, thanks for your feedback!


I have the same issue in Italian, "arts level 6" - the options offered for "fame" are "i" "le" and "gli", but the answer being sought is "la". This is not one of the options, and there is no way to put it in, so you always lose a heart on this question, and once doing this lesson it came up twice :-( I have now passed this lesson, but as I mostly do the lessons on the ipad, and there is no way to give feedback on the ipad, I had to wait till I could come to the computer to report the problem.


Thanks for your feedback, we just removed this exercise from the lesson. Sorry about it!

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