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  5. "Är läsken god?"

"Är läsken god?"

Translation:Does the soft drink taste good?

December 10, 2014



In case anyone else has my problem- I think I've figured out why I'm always getting confused with God and Gott. Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm misleading everyone.

  • Är läsken god?
  • Smakar läsken gott?

The adjective "good" is god, gott or goda (according to gender/plural, as normal). Gott is also the adverb form.

In Swedish, "smakar" takes adverbs. Things don't taste "good" or "bad", they taste "well" or "badly"; "Den smakar söt" is wrong, it should be "Den smakar sött" ("It tastes sweetly").

So in this case, even though we're saying the same thing, the two possible forms are "Is it [adjective]" or "Does it taste [adverb]".


That's the way it is :)! In Swedish, we have adverbs with all verbs for senses:

Göken hörs tydligt! Ko-ko! Blommorna luktar gott! Han ser dåligt.


Tack så mycket! Nu förstår jag bättre!


That is a great site, thanks! Previously I was using the pronunciation from wiktionary, which doesn't have it for every word.


The Midwestern American in me keeps wanting to put "pop" instead of "soft drink" for "läsk." Gotta love regionalisms.


'pop' is in the accepted answers so you should be able to write that.


For us, soft drink = soda or pop


I'm confused. We have "soft", "juice", and now "läsk"? are they all the same?

  • juice is a beverage made exclusively out of pressed fruit.
  • saft is a beverage made by cooking water, sugar, and berries or fruit. It's very much like cordial or squash.
  • läsk is soft drink.


In German it would be:

juice = Saft

saft = Limo

läsk = Erfrischungsgetränke / Cola,Fanta,Sprite


So does that mean that läsk is always fizzy or carbonated? That's not what I would understand by a soft drink.


My mistake - I'd never seen it used for anything but beverages like Coca-Cola, Fanta, etc. A quick Google search reveals that you're obviously right, though.

And as for the actual question: yes, that's correct - läsk is always fizzy/carbonated.


Is läsk a non alcoholic beverage or like Coca Cola?


It's soda - like Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, etc.


It tastes especially good if it is folk soda.


Ah . . . So what is folk soda?


Where "taste" came from here?


Thin air :D "god" refers to good the taste, so its understood from there. In english you are more specific i guess?


"Is soda tasty?" is what I put but it was marked wrong. Any particular reason why? Is it because of my English phrasing?


Yes, you're asking if soda is tasty in general - but läsken means "the soda", a specific one.

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