"Is Amerika groter dan Duitsland?"

Translation:Is America larger than Germany?

December 10, 2014

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Yes. America is, in fact, a bit bigger than Germany.


Just a tad. Maybe a couple of football fields. Bigger, smaller potato, tomato. We dont want to offend anyone...so lets call it a draw.


Dubious term America. If comparing countries, they should say USA. Otherwise America could refer to North, Central or South America.


Yes, in this particular example they were probably referring to the continent.


The continent indeed is bigger. And the country, Verenigde Staten, is also bigger. :)


Ok, I just picked greater to translate groter and it was counted as a mistake. Maybe the word isn‘t exactly the perfect fit, yet is given as one of the possible correct translations, until you actually use it... why?


Because when you click on a word you get hints and hints are exactly that. It is up to you to formulate a correct sentence. Greater does not work in this context:

Similar when you click on dan the hints are: than, then, but. Only than is correct to use

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Quesion - How do you know when to use greater and when to use bigger? For some instances, it's obvious, but what about with things like the song Groter Dan Ik (fantastic song though)? Should that be translated as "Bigger than Me" or "Greater than Me"? Both would work.

[deactivated user]

    What about "bigger"?


    That's the word I used, and it was accepted.


    Does 'Amerika' here refer to the continent(s) or to the United States of America?


    It is a big continent, after all.

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