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  5. "The orange is sour."

"The orange is sour."

Translation:De sinaasappel is zuur.

December 10, 2014



How do you know when to use zure and when to use zuur?


After any form of the verb to be when it refers to the subject instead of to a following noun, then the "predicate adjective" in Dutch or Nederlands is in its basic form zuur without the -e ending.

The common nouns are always preceded with the version of the adjective with the -e ending. "De zure man" or "een zure man"

Neutral nouns get -e ending only with the definite article. "Het zure meisje" but "een zuur meisje" and "geen zuur meisje"


Why i cant answer oranje?


"Oranje" is a color and can therefore not be sour, unless you are experiencing some very interesting synesthesia.

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