"Jag tycker om er humor!"

Translation:I like your sense of humor!

December 10, 2014

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tycker om = like - "om" should be stressed


What is the difference between humor and sense of humor? Are they not interchangeable?


"er humör"? Are we trying to be super formal, or should this have been translated as second person plural by default?


Without context, it's impossible to tell - but I'd also default to assuming the plural you was meant.

Also, please note that using er in a formal manner isn't really considered "super formal" in Swedish.


M.r Hinz ...humor...eller....humör are in google,are those the same


No, they're not the same:

  • humor = humour as in ha ha ha, that's funny
  • humör = humour as in temper or spirits


True about "super formal", it's just strange to encounter "er" in tålspråk definitely, and unless I was addressing the king, I probably wouldn't use it, even in writing.


Yeah, I wouldn't use it then, either. :)


It means you are talking to two or more people. "Y'all's"


I know this is based on American English, but please do not correct my spelling!


We accept both spellings - I double-checked - but if you get something wrong we can't really affect what Duolingo will show you as the preferrable solution. Well, save for removing "humor" entirely as an accepted answer, which is obviously not good either. So it's just an automated system trying to help, not us actively ignoring British English.


It seems to accept humour in some answers and not others, but I can understand that trying to add and accept all possible spellings of different words is a masive task. Thanks for replying anyway. Keep up the good work this is an excellent way to learn.


Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

Having said the above, I'm certain we've missed non-American spellings occasionally - it would be surprising otherwise, given the size of the course. So if you get a correct answer that says you have a typo due to a British English spelling, please do report that!

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