"Sverige ligger i Norden."

Translation:Sweden is in the Nordic countries.

December 10, 2014

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Norden is inconsistently translated in a couple of places. In a previous question, it was translated as "the North", and I've just been marked wrong for translating to "Sweden is in the Nordic countries" even though "Nordic countries" is the accepted translation elsewhere.


It's saying that I should have used "Sweden is in the Nordic region".


I've got the same here. Now, thinking better the sentence would make more sense like: "Sweden is within the nordic countries" Because Sweden is a country, so it can't be "in" a country.


It can, however, be in the Nordic countries (plural). I got marked wrong for the same. Is there a good reason for that, or should I report it when next I see it? Tack.


agree, what is incorrect with "the Nordic Countries?"


I feel the grammar is off. If I was writing an essay I’d say “among/st” or “one of” or just rephrase it as the country lying within that region (as a whole). Prepositions are hard.

Hey I wish Sverige had been anglicised as, say, Swearia :P


I see the same issue.


I'm five years late, but I've finally added "Nordic countries" now. Sorry about the delay to everyone asking in this thread.


Wouldn't it be Sweden lies in the north?


Also perfectly valid - is it not accepted?


Why is Norden capitalized?


It's a geographic area, just like Europe. Read here: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norden


I wrote "Sweden is in Scandinavia." I don't see why it was marked wrong. "The Nordic countries" is an acceptable translation of Norden, and Scandinavia is a subset of the Nordic countries.


That's why it isn't accepted, you can't substitute an entity with a subset of that entity.


Now I want to know which countries are considered Scandinavia and which are considered Nordic!!


Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The nordic countries include all of Scandinavia plus Finland and Iceland. You could argue about adding the likes of Canada and Russia based on your definition of nordic.


Is "area" not close enough to "region" to be acceptable?


Like several others here, I got the error, "You used the wrong word," from Duolingo for the English translation "Sweden is in the Nordic countries." This, even though "the Nordic countries" is one of the translations listed in the mouse-over tooltips! I still don't see an explanation why this is incorrect. For a native English speaker, saying that "Sweden is in the North" is a bit ambiguous, and not something we'd likely say (IMO).

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OK, this is how I feel about this right now. You might disagree with me right now, and I might disagree with me later.

  • "Norden" sv is Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norden

  • There is no English speaking region where "the North" automatically means those countries. (It might need to be "The North" if it were correct.)

  • in virtually all English speaking regions the countries in "Norden" correspond to "Nordic Countries"

  • there may be many accepted en. answers that include "Nordic" but the main en. translation "Sweden is in the North." is very very bad at the least, or just wrong.


I cannot see that a MOD has answered the questions here, as to why "in the Nordic countries" was not accepted. The fact that "Norden" was capitalised even suggests that that was the correct answer, rather than "in the north".

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