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Swedish: Useful links and discussion topics, an overview.

We'll try to collect links to useful discussion topics here. We plan to write more explanatory texts about various subjects in the future, and add the links here.

December 10, 2014



Here's a site that was recommended to me: http://www.digitalasparet.se

Looks straight out of the 90's but seems have good content and has a scale for progression, may be a good extra resource.


As far as listening comprehension is concerned, I can recommend http://svtplay.se It's SVT's online streaming website that allows you to watch their shows, although if you're outside of Sweden you are mostly limited to news programmes. What's really helpful is the fact that almost all of the shows in their archive have Swedish subtitles.

Finally, if your Swedish is more advanced, you can head to to http://sr.se, which is Sveriges Radio's website. I think they provide live streaming of all their channels. P1 is particularly superb, because it is purely a talk channel, meaning you're never interrupted by music.


The SR show "Språket" is great if you're learning Swedish, and the episodes are all available as podcasts: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt?programid=411


If you use a VPN you can watch Swedish TV programs. For beginners some of the childrens' programs are useful, eg Djur med Julia - Animals with Julia http://www.svtplay.se/video/2388381/djur-med-julia/avsnitt-1 Each video has Swedish subtitles


I have just started the Swedish course on a lark. I wanted to say how nice the short grammar introductions are in these early stages: funny and to the point, nicely done! Thanks!


For me the learning curve shoots up radically as soon as Possessives come into play. I think there are a couple of causes: firstly, the awful speech rendition; secondly, the lack of separation of singular and plural. Personally, I think I would learn more, and more effectively, were this part staged into separate units for singular and plural. There's a lot to get in this short section and it is delivered in a pattern that feels confusing, as though there's no clarity to what we're supposed to be remembering. Having a goal explained (eg, now you're going to learn singular 2nd person, etc). As it stands, Possessives seems to me a sudden rockface in an otherwise manageable upward hill.


Can you give any example of differences between singular and plural that you found difficult?


Them equals dem. They equals de.

^----- never mix them up!

An informal solution would be "dom", which is formally correct in both situations, but is regarded as informal anyway. So use them instead (de or dem).


Here are some keyboard commands for the special characters (umlauts) that get used so you don't have to switch back and forth from the mouse.

ä - ALT+132 å - ALT+134 ö - ALT+148 Ä - ALT+0196 Å - ALT+0197 Ö - ALT+0214


You can just install the US International keyboard on Windows, or the ABC - Extended keyboard on Mac and then you have two or three chord strokes for all of these. I find it even easier than using the alt codes.


I'll add for Mac or iOS users, you can simply hold down the letter related to what you want and you'll get a pop-up menu to pick the one you want. So for ü, just press and hold u and so on.


That is useful, indeed, but it depends on your keyboard language. Germans need ALT+0229 for å.


Tack! The pronunciation guide is very helpful for developing speech clarity!


To be honest... I just wanted to learn Swedish so I could understand Pewdiepie... Then I started learning French and Spanish and all these different languages!


Jag graater...jag graater saa mycket


Yay pewdiepie is championing swedish culture!! :D


I started learning it because I wanted to be able to read the manual of Goat Simulator XD


:-) He is attracting people to learn Swedish, that' nice


I love pewdiepie! One of my fave youtubers :)


Hi guys, i love the course! I was wondering where I can find some easy to read Swedish texts for beginners?


Good job guys!, thank you all for your contributions. Tack så mycket!


Hej Arnauti!

I was looking for something to complement and specially help me in memorising "strange" words of the Swedish Duolingo Course and I found this course in Memrise!


It may be added to your list, its a great index of all words in the DL course and may help everyone!



Hejsan alla! I don't know if these links are already shared here somewhere or not, but if you guys would like to here some real Swedish you should test these radio stations. It's great fun. First, I consider myself lucky as I live in a country where Swedish is the second official language. Not only because it's possible to actually use the language but also because Fenno Swedish is a lot easier to understand and speak (at least for a Finn) than Sweden's Swedish. So, if you think the same way or would like to introduce yourself to Fenno Swedish, I recommend listening to these radio stations:

Yle X3M: https://arenan.yle.fi/radio/program/x3m

Yle Vega: https://arenan.yle.fi/radio/program/yle-vega

X3M is more of a radio station for young people and Vega has more content like the news and documentaries and music for grown-up's taste. It also features local radio stations.

If you feel like listening to Swedens Swedish I recommend listening to Sveriges radio's stations: https://sverigesradio.se/sida/allakanaler.aspx

P1 sends talk shows

P2 sends classical music, jazz, folk and content in minority languages

P3 is a channel of popular culture (quite similar to Yle X3M)

P4 sends the news, local programs, talk shows, documentaries and sports (similar to Yle Vega)

You should especially note their Radio Sweden service that offers little newsclips with easy-to-understand Swedish: https://sverigesradio.se/radioswedenpalattsvenska

Both Yle and Sveriges radio have mobile apps as well if you want to listen to them on the go.

My recommendations, hope you enjoy listening to Swedish!


Maybe you could add my pronunciation thread since the TTS is so bad https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5581851


Done! Thank you for recording the sentences!!


The Blehg videos were very instructive! I actually found two more, both about the Swedish vowels, but maybe they are so new that you have not had time to add links to them yet.

Tips! When you have watched the videos about Swedish language, I recommend this one as well. It explains how the map of Europe has changed since before WWI. As far as I understand, it is also created by Blehg.


Thanks! It really helped!


Where can I find the full Swedish alphabet? Or maybe its possible to someone to speak the alphabet out so that newbies like me can learn to pronounce letters. And stop associating all letters with English :-) e.g ä â och ö


Here's a YouTube video that might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHe7f_L7S2Q. It's a little on the homemade side, but she is slow and clear. A more formal (and excellent) version of this kind of material are the Academia Cervena videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epqzb44SWAU. I also use a variety of definition and pronunciation sites: Forvo.com, Google translate, dict.cc (ensv.dict.cc) and Dicios (en.dicios.com/sven/). Forvo has native speakers and if you become a member, you can compile a "favorites" pronunciation bank. Google translate works OK most of the time, but may actually provide too much information for a beginner. Dict.cc is in beta so it does not have all of the words pronounced, but when they are, they are pronounced by humans. One really great feature of dict.cc is that you are taken to a word's inflections (nouns and verbs) simply by clicking on it. Like Dict.cc, Dicios does not have sound files for all of its words. When it does, the word is pronounced by a human and, most importantly, played over and over on a constant loop until you stop it. I have found that the repetition of the word over and over is what has finally helped me truly hear the unique vowel sounds and consonant sounds of Swedish. A single vocalization of a word simply did not give my ear enough time to dissect what it was hearing. Hope this helps.



This is from a show for kids called "Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter" (trans. 5 ants are a greater number than 4 elephants). The video shows their song about the alphabet, I would personally say that the big elephant in the video is a bit nasal in its pronunciation of some letters. (The big elephant have a dialect very particular for Stockholm so he is not wrong just not necessarily representative for the nation as a whole)

Anyway - hope it helps!


That was brilliant lol now I I could just find something slower that would be great. Would you say the alphabet is a good place to learn pronunciation certain letters?


http://ielanguages.com/swedish.html I found some helpful stuff here. My roommate (from Gävle says that this is pretty good)


It's a quite pedagogical kids' show - with every episode dedicated to a letter or a number (I think).

Yes and no regarding pronunciation. How the letter is pronunced in the alphabet and how it is pronunced in different words may differ a lot. In the english language the letter "W" is a good example. But at least we do not have many diphthongs making it even more different.


Speaking of pronunciation, has anyone else watched this video? It's vaguely NSFW but the tongue twisters are mind-bending. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3OxCRTg8iE


Try the lesson on inflections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQx3ACpbXhk. The first time I listened to it, I realized that there could be some serious linguistic landmines lurking out there for me and it scared me a little. Now that I've learned a little more Swedish, it is funny again.....As raunchy as they are, you will learn a lot.


They are awesome, aren't they? And you can tell they're having fun, which makes it even more fun to listen to. The laughter is infectious.


Did you notice that the Swedish guy doesn't pronounce "fascist" properly? He says "fascisist" and that is almost the funniest part to me :).

Proper pronunciation of "fascist": http://sv.forvo.com/search/fascist/sv/


Take a lingot good sir.


Well thank you very much! You are too kind! :-D


Hello, I have a friendly feelings. I will like us to get to know each other better. here is my email address lucasmariam01@yahoo.com, i await your response,cheers


I laughed a lot, thanks!


They're a hoot, even as they are a little filthy. I'm glad you liked it!


It's really funny :D And really difficult to pronounce too :D


The video is unavailable :(


Can you recommend any help with the sk and sj sounds? Additionally, maybe some of the material from http://ielanguages.com/swedish.html may be helpful? One of the students from Luleå said it was decent in pronunciation.


Are there any sites where I may be able to find Swedish friends to practice my language skills with?


Yes I would be interested in this to :-)


Thanks for that. I now have an account on italki.com. Brilliant!


Hej! Tack för det! So happy that Swedish is on duolingo - thanks duolingo team. One question though, are you still working on the voice that reads the swedish words? 'De' is pronounced as it's written in duolingo, whereas from what I understand from Swedish friends, is it not meant to be pronounced 'Dom'? Or are there just different ways of pronouncing it depending on where in Sweden you're from?


Maybe I should mention this here too: we're now (2015-02-10) beta-testing another voice that pronounces de correctly. If it wins, and it probably will, everybody will get the new voice instead. People who still have the old voice can hear the new one at ivona.com (select Swedish Astrid from the menu).


The Ivona voices are so good compared to other options. Excited to see this happen!


Thank you SO much The pronunciation of de always bothered me!


I suppose "de" is technically pronounced as it's written, especially in somewhat older Swedish, but people in general just pronounce "de" and "dem" as "dom" (to such an extent that "dom" is almost becoming an accepted written alternative to "de/dem", much to my distress). You could get away with pronouncing "de" as it's written, but if you were to pronounce "dem" as it's written you're just going to sound silly.


That is not correct. de has been pronounced as dom or di depending on dialect for a very long time. Instead, when people pronounce de as it is written, it is because they are reading a written text aloud and think that it gets clearer that way, we call it läsuttal.


Ah, yes, "di" was what I meant. Thank you. Anyway, to anyone learning Swedish, "de/dem" are both normally pronounced as "dom".


True that. :)


Tack sa mycket! Wonderful, thanks!


I am using this book - "Swedish an essential grammar" . It seems quite good :) here is link: http://jons2580.free.fr/75%20livres%20d%27enseignement%20de%20langues/Swedish%20essential%20grammar.pdf


That link didn't work for me but I found it by googling "Swedish an essential grammar pdf" http://www.readersstuffz.com/downloads/ebooks/Language%20Books/Swedish/Swedish%20-%20Essential%20Grammar.pdf


Tack! Have a lingot!


much appreciated!


Tack!!! You have no idea how you helped me! :) This book is fantastic.


the ebook, kindle etc is available from online shops


Looks great, thank you!


I am using Essentials of Swedish Grammar


Yes, those essential grammar PDF's are fantastic. Especially considering they're free.


i have the book sometimes i get confused can you please explain to me what does mean a stressed word or unstressed word


Wow, thank you so much for putting this all together! It's been very helpful to me.


I am looking for an area to report a mistake in translation I believe I've found. Where can this be done?


On PC's, at the bottom of the correct answer screen for each question, there is a "Report a Problem" button and a "Discussion" button. On Android phones, the bottom of the screen has a flag icon and a speech bubble icon for these functions. For issues of poor or alternative translation, idiom, clarity, etc. use the Report a Problem button. The response time on the Swedish site is VERY fast. There SHOULD be a general support tab on the left side of your computer screen, but mine has disappeared. You can always get to general support by scrolling to the very bottom of the screen and clicking on Help.


Hi! I have done the placement test twice, but can't see my performance nor do I understand what to do afterwards, lol, any help please?


Lingot from me! This was great :)


Very useful. Thank you!


Thanks everyone for the links and info :) I just came to Duolingo two days ago, and am absolutely loving this site. I find it's also insanely motivating to come to the discussion forums and see the amazing levels that so many people are at (and in so many languages)...! It's sort of like adult Brownie points, or something. :)


I don't know if this has already been posed, but here is a link to the Goethe-Verlag tests and exercises in Swedish. You choose your native language and the real fun can begin! :) http://www.goethe-verlag.com/tests/index1.htm

BTW, tack for all the links and all your amazing help guys, much appreciated.


When will Swedish be available on Kindle?


I'm not sure Duolingo is the right place to ask that ;-) Still good to know someone else is in search of a good read in Swedish.


I think they're asking when Swedish will launch in the Kindle Duolingo app.


oh… didn't know there was a specific duolingo app for kindles! respect.


You should try Swedish comics.There are plenty of good ones.E.g.Arne Anka | Dagens Arbete http://da.se/2015/01/arne-anka-3/ or Rocky by Martin Kellerman.Martin Kellerman (@kellermannen) | Twitter https://twitter.com/kellermannen.Here is a list of the best comic books chosen by the Swedish Comics Society.Alot of links there.Pristagare | Urhunden http://urhunden.se/pristagare/


I watched the intro to swedish on youtube, by blehg, and I was very happy I did. thanks!


there is a nice web site dealing with the Swedish language and facts about Sweden on http://myswedish.net ... There are also links to external resources on http://myswedish.net/links.html ... Give it a try and have a nice day!


Here yo might find useful a searcher of verbs that gives you every conjugation of every verb once you enter the infinitive. If you do not know the infinitive, try to write a word as close as possible and the searcher might lead you to the word you were looking for.



@Arnauti Do you know which level I can reach if I finish all the lectures of the swedisch duolingo program?


The lowest possible level for finishing the Swedish tree is 11. If you do each lesson only once, you'll reach level 11. The highest possible level in any language is level 25 which you can reach by redoing lessons or using timed practice.


okay, I understand. But can you say if it' comparable to a svenska 2 level or a svenska 3 level like the international standards A1/A2,B1/B2,C1/C2?


Oh, that kind of level. It depends on whether you use other resources too, and I've seen different estimates, but my guess would be A1 or A2 (with better skills in reading than in speaking).


I would like to contribute with this website. It includes a lot of things mostly in Swedish but there is an English section as well. I hope it is new for you, I got this link at my Swedish course.


[deactivated user]

    Thank you, Biceee, this list contains many useful links that I have not seen before. Have a lingot and thank you for sharing.

    [deactivated user]

      Online Swedish Flash Cards at Lär Dig Svenska. Includes 8418 words, 763 cards, and 168 particle verbs. http://ord.lardigsvenska.com/ Click on the "en" below the card to turn on English translations of each word.


      Hi. please check the link: A guide to pronunciation Its broken.Thanks a lot


      It seems to have disappeared, I'll just have to remove the link. :( Thanks for the heads-up! :)


      Why there is not the part where you can see the words you learned in Svedish? There is just "Home" "Discussion" and "Labs"... It would be useful... Thanks in advance!


      Is there any possibility of adding new lessons to the Swedish course or even creating a new Swedish course, like an intermediate/advanced course?


      Does anyone know a website in which I can practise my speaking?


      There are Dischord servers that let you type and speak. Have you checked them out?


      Just wondering... I keep seeing the accusative case referred to as "objective" all the time. Is this a common or accepted term for the accusative case in some places? I've never heard it used in any language class I've been in.


      It's a term used for a case covering both direct (accusative) and indirect (dative) objects. It's also known as oblique case. Since Swedish doesn't distinguish direct and indirect objects in words, the terms 'accusative' and 'dative' don't really fit.


      I didn't know where to post this without making a new discussion, but I have a question about swedish accents. It sounds to me like the language is spoken very "nasily", and I especially notice this in women. I can't really tell regional differences, but I know I mainly listen to people from Stockholm, which are less nasily. Is a nasal sound in the voice common/intentional when speaking Swedish? Sometimes when I'm joking around I make my voice sound really nasily on purpose. Should I actually talk like that? Sorry for bringing this thread back up, but I didn't want to start a new discussion. Tack!


      So you have some basis for comparison, try going to Forvo.com where you can input a word and hear it pronounced by native speakers - all genders and ages. The locations of the speakers are shown on a map, so you can hear regional differences. If you set up a Forvo account, you can save words to make your own pronunciation library. You can also submit a request to have a word pronounced. I really like listening and reading along at 8sidor.se. Also, there's a bunch of movies and TV shows on Netflix. I figure that the diction used by news presenters and actors is probably the the clearest and the closest to "standard" you can get.


      Tack! I also use 8-sidor. I've always meant to check out forvo, and I guess now I have no excuse not to. Again, thank you!


      This is the first time I've heard anyone claim that Swedish is spoken in a nasal way. Do you have any examples? Any videos or recordings?

      I completely disagree with this: > I can't really tell regional differences, but I know I mainly listen to people from Stockholm, which are less nasily. Stockholm is the only place I would consider having more nasal sounds than the rest of Sweden.

      Are you sure that you don't confuse it with some other phenomenon? Like the vowels i, u and y?


      I actually understand what Dobie42 is saying. For example, when I watch "Djur med Julia," (don't judge) the vowels, H's and J's all sound sort of nasally. They're not as nasal as French, but they sound like they sound like they come from the back of the mouth up towards the nose. Here's an example: http://www.svtplay.se/video/2488941/djur-med-julia/avsnitt-12


      Oh my god, I couldn't watch more than a minute of that.

      She does have a kind of nasal "å" sometimes. But I don't think I would consider this something standard. The "h"s sound like they're pronounced in a non-standard position in the throat, possibly a bit higher up than normal. Also, her pronunciation of "kanske" makes it obvious that she's from Norrland.

      Disclaimer: I'm just a hobby linguist, so don't trust anything I say.


      As a Swedish learner, it's good and slow, even if her voice is over-affected. If it was an English show, I'd never watch. :-D


      Thanks Maurice for the "Djur med Julia" link. The intro is pretty hard to watch, but after that it's very useful.


      Yeah, like I said, if I wasn't invested in watching it to learn Swedish I'd turn if off right away.


      No judging here ;) I actually enjoyed that video. But yeah, that's the sound I'm talking about, just not as strong in this video. Maybe nasal is the wrong word for it. I'll link some in a bit. It's more of something that I notice passively, so I need to track down some of the videos.

      Maybe my ears just perceive it as being stronger or more nasally than it actually is..


      Might you be talking about the i sound in fika?

      If you are, nasal is not the word you are looking for.


      She has a very distinct dialect. The standard language isn't propunced like that.


      I'm sorry you disagree, but there's a reason I asked this question...because I didn't know. I'll link some examples when it isn't 3:30 in the morning.

      Here, I'll correct myself: from what I'm used to, people from Stockholm seem less nasily. To me.

      By the way, I'm not necessarily "claiming" it is spoken in a nasal way, I'm just asking, because I don't know if it is or isnt .


      Oh, sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, that wasn't the intention at all. I'm curious and sometimes I forget to be polite ^^


      No, I'm sorry. My sleepiness lead me to misinterpret your comment (I was already angry after having been woken up by my dog, and I should have waited until the morning to get back to you :p not that that's any excuse) no hard feelings :)


      Some places up north talk very nasaly, like the region Jämtland. I'm a swede, I hadn't really thought about it until you brought it up. I saw the video someone linked, hadn't really occured to me until I saw it.


      Tack för kursen! :) Det är underbar! Jag talar tyska och använder https://www.sprichmalschwedisch.com/, men de är inte cosequent tillräckligt för mig. Denna kurs är bra för nybörjare!

      Grattis, Katrin


      Could you please do one for when to use på and i? I can never figure out which one is correct.


      It's great... thanks! :)


      I need tips to write an article, paragraph,... , in Swedish ?!


      I started to study Swedish here in Duolingo. It is fun!!


      Jag gillar den här kursen




      What about adding this Instagram account to the list? https://instagram.com/pratasvenska It's about learning Swedish words!


      Thanks, real nice.


      Hej! Any good TV station/channels recommended?


      Why does pewdiepie aka (Felix Keliberg) say that Vill du hungla means: Do you want to dance. But then when I search up on google translate what it means it says: Do you want to make out? I am confused. Please help because I am young and still learning this language. THANKS!


      He says that because he was joking and was trying to prank his audience. It means the latter sentence. Since you're young, I'd advise you to not take Swedish advice from pewdiepie, as he uses a lot of swear words and prank his audience when "teaching" them Swedish.


      Thanks for clearing this up. I just want to add that the proper spelling of the word is hångla.


      Thanks Elysaph. I will take your advise and learn the non lazy way.


      Det finns ett nytt radioprogram och kanske podcast på sverigesradio. Det heter- Radio Sweden på lätt svenska.


      Swedish is kinda confusing but its really fun to learn!!


      When the speaker says "De" it sounds more like "Dom" Is that how it really sounds or does the sound of De differ depending on were you live?


      Has anyone compiled a list of the vocabulary from each lesson of the Swedish course?


      I don't have the just the words, but I have the words and the sentences from the complete course as of today (21-Apr-2016) if you're interested.


      Thank you so much! It's nice to have something to study outside of the lessons. Also, in uni, I found it helpful to write the vocabulary over and over, by hand, as a way of memorizing. I'm hoping to do the same now. Thank you again!


      That sounds great! Could there be any easy way for you to share us?


      Here are the sentences: http://pastebin.com/LKCqqkaq

      Here are the grammar notes: http://pastebin.com/wGKjdXyp

      I make no guarantees about the completeness or formatting. I'm providing this purely as a help to fellow learners, and I ask that you not use it in some way that would negatively impact Duolingo or the course creators.


      Det är mycket generöst av dig att dela med dig. Ta en lingot. Ha det så trevligt i dag! :)


      Thank you very much; your advice is well noted!


      Tack så mycket! Du är jättegenerös! Jag ger dig en lingot!


      Nej nej. Ingen orsak! Vänligen spara dina lingots. Jag har alltför många. Allvarligt! Tack så mycket, men jag behöver inte dem. Jag är glad att hjälpa till.


      Wow, thank you VERY much. This will make it possible to continue working the the excellent Duolingo material while we are in Sweden the coming month. I am planning to put the sentences all one by one on flashcard which makes it possible to flick through them while on the go when having those little moments we have to wait or are travelling. Please, take a lingot for your efforts.


      This has just brightened up a damp and dark afternoon! Tack såååååååå mycket.


      tack så mycket!


      Thanks for this! It's really helpful :)


      Thank you very much!


      hej , tack for doulingo admin


      Thanks, this helps!


      this really helps thx


      I love this site!! My girlfriend lives in swenden an this will help a lot

      [deactivated user]

        Thanks have a lingot.


        Hum...I'm new to Duolingo..have been wanting to learn swedish for a long time, though. Finally decided I'd find something to do it with


        Tack så mycket för förklaringen.


        Thank you so much for your post. I'm struggling so bad to learn Swedish, you are helping a lot !


        Gosh, I wish I had come across this list earlier! Might've saved me from asking so many dumb questions! A lingot for you!


        Thank you so much! :D


        K and G rules...is it a theme about that already?! Please pointed to them.


        Hej killar jag hoppas att du kan svara på mig. Jag har startat en grupp i WhatsApp för all nationalitet att gå med och diskutera språk Jag hoppas att du kunde gå med här(English translation :Hello guys I hope you can respond to me. I've started a group in WhatsApp for all nationality to join and discuss languages ​​I hope you could join here) https://chat.whatsapp.com/DDC0AwD7YT246yBxaUFCHD


        This will be a life saver!

        Is there anything on possessive pronouns and objective pronouns? I still can't drill those into my head and it's driving me nuts. Doesn't help that I keep learning on and off.

        Maybe I should go back to learning every day.


        thank you so much. i was start to study swedish again and this is really helpful :D


        väldigt användbar


        Hej! I’m very glad I found this forum (I’ve been using the app, which I don’t think has a direct way to navigate here).

        I am trying to move to Sweden and duolingo has been very helpful in teaching myself the language again. My first language is (american) English but I also spoke Swedish with my family when I was young. It has been over 25 years since I spoke Swedish regularly though, so I definitely need practice.

        I’m especially glad to find the links to the pronunciation videos, as half of my family is from the Göteborg area and the other half is from Åland, so I expect I am likely mixing what I remember of pronunciation and not even realizing it! Tack så mycket for all the helpful information!


        I hope it's not too much to ask. But is it possible to get swedish friends here.


        Thank you very much for this list with all these resources! I was wondering: is there a way to get a list of the words learnt for each Duolingo lesson? Or a list of all of them together? I remember seeing something similar in a different language


        Hmm, this will be useful. (I'm only commenting so I can see what level I am in Swedish)


        This doesn't really have anything to do with the above links, but for Swedish, does anyone notice that it doesn't have a "words" tab at the top like Spanish or German? might just be me, but it's biting at my ocd

        Learn Swedish in just 5 minutes a day. For free.