"De vackra tornen."

Translation:The beautiful towers.

December 10, 2014

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So how would you say "My precious"?


"Min dyrebare"... I think!


min dyrbare, without the extra e. :) Note that I don't remember if that's the actual translation in the books.


Half a year late and after a tedious search, I think I found something, although the source's credibility stood up to question. But one of the forum users quoted a passage from the “Två Tornen” (Two Towers) with regards to Gollum's/Sméagol's schizophrenia, and there, he is quoted speaking about “min dyrbara” (sic!) I only found a Google-Books photocopy in Danish, but obviously, this is the Swedish course, and I cannot tell whether there would be differences between Danish and Swedish.

In case anyone wants to check it: https://sci-fi.narkive.se/1gyuX7K1/varfor-talar-gollum-om-sig-sjalv-som-vi (The first answer, with the 62 upvotes)

I, unfortunately, too have only a German and an English copy of the trilogy, no Swedish one.


The books have actually been translated twice, and I'm guessing that post uses the newer (and better) translation. But either way, dyrbara would also work. I was just correcting the grammar of the above post. :)


Oh, then I am sorry to have misled this old post into a different direction. But since I have already shoehorned LotR into this discussion, could you recommend an edition in Swedish? I am asking since a friend of mine recently started learning Swedish too (because of Sabaton, don't ask me why) and she is also a great fan of Tolkien's books. Maybe I could persuade her to read it in Swedish, but since I lack the knowledge of the language, I would likely fail to find a worthwhile edition in the language, which also uses the meritorious translation.

If you don't know, that's fine; then, I would just vetnure to find it myself.


You want the newer translations by Erik Andersson (prose) and Lotta Olsson (poetry). The title of the first book is Ringarnas herre. The older translations (by Åke Ohlmarks) took so many liberties and weird or clumsy decisions that the Silmarillion was only allowed translation into Swedish on the condition that Ohlmarks not be allowed anywhere near it. Ohlmarks then wrote a book about how Tolkien fans were drugged-up devil worshippers doing sex orgies and murder.

It's a much longer topic, but that's the gist of it, really.


Merci beaucoup, I now at least found Andersson's Goodreads author page, so that I will forward this link to my friend to see what she says. I think that it is best for her to read a book she already knows by heart in German, so that to immerse the vocabulary easier.

I also saw on Wikipedia that Ohlmark's poor translation has earned some infamous reputation, when even papers were written about it. And given this harsh reaction, it seems as if he didn't take it well to be declared a hazard to the Silmarillion. :'D

Again, tack så mycket för stödet, you're a magnificient moderator in this course, as always. :-)


I think the indefinite plural would be torn


That is correct. The title of the volume and film is De två tornen, though. :)


Oh right sorry, i didn't realise it was referring to anything, and forgot that for numbers you don't need the 'de'


Ah, no, it should stilll have de. :)


how do you say these beautiful towers? de vackra torn här?


de här vackra tornen


Why is it "De" vackra tornen? I found an article and (though I must admit I have not read the article extremely thoroughly) thought it only depended on the last part of the noun - in this case I expected it to be "Den": http://www.thelocal.se/blogs/theswedishteacher/2010/11/08/den-or-det/

See the discussion at: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5688144


T words:
Indefinite: ett vackert torn (a beautiful tower) – vackra torn (beautiful towers)
Definite: det vackra tornet (the beautiful tower) – de vackra tornen (the beautiful towers)

N words:
Indefinite: en vacker bild (a beautiful picture) – vackra bilder (beautiful pictures)
Definite: den vackra bilden (the beautiful picture) – de vackra bilderna (the beautiful pictures)


Got it - thanks :)


But wouln't it be enough to say "vackra tornen"?


In the audio the "De" sounds like "Dome" is that correct, or is it like "Day"

My ears may be messed up but if someone could explain that would be great


dom is the common pronunciation, though saying de isn't wrong either, and does occur naturally in certain dialects.


Same reason why the g in the days of the week (i.e. tisdaG) is usually dropped, why det often lacks a "T" sound and why jag/ja can be slurred as one sound unless you listen carefully... According to my dad it's similar in equivalency to how in UK accents often have th-fronting (i.e. saying "bruvva" instead of "brother").


I wouldn't say those are the same things at all, really. They're several different phenomena. But same ballpark, I guess.


How would you say these beautiful towers here?


de här vackra tornen, or dessa vackra torn, though the latter is often considered formal.


"Nice" is not accepting


I don't really think that's synonymous with "beautiful" here.


vackra seems more like pretty than beautiful here


That's also accepted.

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